Art Rhythm is born.

23 04 2010

We absolutely love art! And we love enhancing interiors. So it made perfect sense to create Art Rhythm Fine Art Consultancy. We admit it. We believe more fine art hanging in Austin should originate from Austin. So we’ve got our finger on the pulse! We stay connected with the many talented emerging and established fine artists in the area, so you can count on us to add that perfect spark of inspiration to your interiors. To begin the journey, we thought we’d introduce you to four wonderful artists and their unique spin on four art genres: still life, abstract, landscape and ¬†photography.

"Wild Peonies" Oil on canvas by Lisa Beaman

"Swept" Oil on canvas by Rebecca Bennett

"If Only For a Minute" Oil on canvas by Erika Jaeggli

"Interiors 2" Photograph by Bill Oakey

These artists, among many others, have recently gotten our attention. We are ready to help you find stunning works that fit the rhythm of your home or business. Hope you will subscribe to our blog (see “subscribe” in sidebar) so we can keep you up to date on the dynamic and inspiring art scene.

Debbi & James